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Millennials in the Workplace: Meeting Them Where They Are

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Understanding any generation — and working with them effectively and productively — means knowing how they were raised. It is important to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” and consider Millennials’ upbringing, how they have been raised and what they value. In leadership, you cannot fully utilize an individual team member’s strengths unless you really… continue reading »

3 Ways Millennials are Changing Your Workplace

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  Every generation that comes into the workplace brings cultural, environmental and other changes. But Millennials are changing modern workplaces in new and different ways that can be challenging to the people trying to manage members of this generation. From teamwork to goals and feedback, here are the three C’s of how Millennials are changing… continue reading »

What is A Generation Anyways?

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what is a generation?

Hi Everyone. This is a youtube I did over a year ago and it received lots of hits. It is a one-minute primer on generations. I hear people talking about “Generation Z” as if they are starting in the workplace. The reality is that “Generation Z” , the generation after the Millennials, was born around… continue reading »

3 Ways to Effectively Onboard Millennials

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i want you

On my website, CoachingMillennnials, you can find an overview video Neil Howe and I produced called Recruiting and On-boarding Millennials. This video will get you oriented about best practices for recruiting and on-boarding Millennials, but I also wanted to point out a really comprehensive article on the same topic published just recently by Saeculum Research…. continue reading »

An Embarrassing Millennial Moment for Kronos

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Millennial mishap alert! I was really looking forward to reading a new research report by Kronos, a US-based multi-national workforce management software company, called, “Motivating Millennials, Managing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today”. Researching Millennials is my work, and I collect research reports like I used to collect baseball cards as a kid. So, I’m settling in with… continue reading »