Six Proven Coaching Keys for Millennials

Create the Right Environment

Sharpen Individual Performance

Focus on Goals

  • Keep goals short term and explicit
  • Create track for long-term career advancement
  • Design metrics to leverage their achievement ethic
  • Use gamification for the benchmarks they crave
  • Integrate IT into daily work routine

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Schedule Frequent Feedback

  • Have a plan and stick with it
  • Review tasks monthly, weekly, or even daily
  • Build on-going mentor relationship
  • Show how actions relate to potential promotions
  • Detail project timelines, establish structured routines
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Nurture Teamwork

  • Embrace social media as a way to increase productivity
  • Hire, train, and consider compensating in teams
  • Demonstrate the team ethic in your culture
  • Always set team goals
  • Affiliate and connect with local causes
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Practice Mentoring

  • Every manager is a mentor
  • Have a ‘coaching’ attitude
  • Established structured, formalized mentor programs
  • Rotate mentors
  • Compensate mentors on successful outcomes

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Meet Them Were They Are

  • Hi-tech and hi-touch recruitment
  • Include the parents!
  • Feed their need for friendliness
  • Immersive orientations to promote sense of community
  • Formalized, structured onboarding

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Emphasize Positivity

  • Use upbeat, positive language in communicating
  • Leverage their need for achievement by encouraging them to reach goals
  • “Tough love” does NOT work
  • Demonstrate how small tasks relate to the bigger mission
  • Get parents involved

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