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Millennials Leading the Way to a Gig Economy

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More than one-third of Millennials don’t have a “traditional,” full-time, 9-to-5 job with benefits. Instead, this generation is leading the rise of the “gig economy”. In this new post-recession environment, Millennials are trying to make ends meet and build a career through a variety of freelance and part-time contract jobs. The term “gig economy” was… continue reading »

Busting Myths about Millennials: Job Hopping

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The ongoing narrative is that Millennials are serial job-hoppers—ungrateful and unloyal. “Why bother hiring them,” managers say, “if they only stay 6 months?” But new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests this narrative is just not true. It turns out that Millennials are no more likely to “hop” than previous generations when they… continue reading »

5 Ways to Get Millennials to Want to Work for You

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Ping pong tables, latte machines, free kale smoothies, a nap room — sounds like a paradise workplace for Millennials, right? Maybe — but maybe not. It turns out that “perks” like this do not make young professionals feel fulfilled at work for the long term. The first Millennials were graduating college and entering the workforce… continue reading »

Millennials in the Workplace: Meeting Them Where They Are

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Understanding any generation — and working with them effectively and productively — means knowing how they were raised. It is important to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes,” and consider Millennials’ upbringing, how they have been raised and what they value. In leadership, you cannot fully utilize an individual team member’s strengths unless you really… continue reading »

How Many Generations are in the Workforce?

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How many generations of people are in the workforce today? The answer may be fewer than you think. It is often said there are four or even five generations of people in the full-time labor pool, but the answer hinges on the definition of generation and simple math. A generation typically spans 18 to 22… continue reading »

3 Ways Millennials are Changing Your Workplace

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  Every generation that comes into the workplace brings cultural, environmental and other changes. But Millennials are changing modern workplaces in new and different ways that can be challenging to the people trying to manage members of this generation. From teamwork to goals and feedback, here are the three C’s of how Millennials are changing… continue reading »

6 Keys to Maximizing Millennial Performance

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There are more than 100 million Millennials in United States today, and this growing group already makes up one-third of the workforce. With an increasing number of Millennials in the workplace, businesses are smart to ensure they are helping members of this generation perform at their highest levels. A new white paper from Coaching Millennials… continue reading »

Top four reasons that Millennials are leaving their “dream jobs”

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Warren Wright is Executive Vice President of LifeCourse Associates, a publishing, speaking, and consulting company built on the generational discoveries of Neil Howe and William Strauss. Warren has spent over twenty-five years in leadership roles at companies that use behavioral sciences, statistics, organizational development, change management, and media to help their clients. Last week I came… continue reading »

New Study: Millennial Males Worse off than Millennial Females

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We’ve heard the refrain many times in the last couple of years– young adults are launching their careers later since the Great Recession of 2007-2008. While graduation rates and test scores go up, the ability to secure employment has gone in the opposite direction. According to a new Study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education… continue reading »

Millennial Job Interview Tips: Use The 3 “C” ‘s

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I typically work with businesses that need assistance in understanding and coaching their Millennial employees. But last week, I had the chance to coach my own Millennial, my son… Last week he called me on the phone to ask me for advice on a job interview. “Dad”, he said, “I have a job interview on… continue reading »