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4 More Millennial Traits

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Last week, we wrote about how Millennials were raised by their parents to feel special, sheltered and confident. Those three Millennial traits mark that generation’s personality, shaped by their parents and the prevailing cultural influences of the times. But there are four more traits of Millennials worth paying attention to: Team-oriented, Conventional, Achieving and Pressured. Team-Oriented… continue reading »

How Many Generations are in the Workforce?

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the ofice

How many generations of people are in the workforce today? The answer may be fewer than you think. It is often said there are four or even five generations of people in the full-time labor pool, but the answer hinges on the definition of generation and simple math. A generation typically spans 18 to 22… continue reading »

The Millennial Footprint on Media and Entertainment

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Millennial Footprint

Every generation leaves their footprint on media and entertainment, and it looks like the Millennials’ footprint is likely to be a big one. Last week at the ThinkLA conference in Los Angeles, I gave a Presentation on this topic. Attending were over 600 executives in the media and entertainment business. Among this group, there is… continue reading »

5 Terrible Ways to Manage Millennials

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With all the attention on the right way to manage Millennials, I thought I would share some ‘worst practices’ that I have seen in recent months as a way to help managers avoid irreversible errors in managing and coaching Millennials. Turnover remains high with Millennials, but research still suggests that Millennials would rather work for… continue reading »

It’s the Long Weekend: Set Your Millennials Free!

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You will thank me for this advice. It’s Friday of Memorial Day weekend, the official start of the summer.  All those projects that are piling up? They will just have to wait. Just because you, as a Boomer, or an early wave Xer like me, grew up in a “Work Is Life” culture, does not… continue reading »