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Millennial Engagement, Innovation and Creativity at Work

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Almost a year ago, I started CoachingMillennials with two Millennials — my son, Nick, and Georgia Howe, whose father Neil Howe I had the privilege to work with and has done significant research and writing on generations. We continue to research, write and speak about Millennials in the workplace, Millennial issues and more. This year,… continue reading »

5 Things Millennials are Thankful For

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Being a Millennial isn’t easy. More so than other generations, members of the Millennial generation are dealing with crushing levels of student debt. Forbes reported that 57 percent of Millennials “regret how much they borrowed” for education, and now it’s delaying Millennials’ ability to buy a home, get married or do other things they want to… continue reading »

3 Notable Traits of Millennials

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Special, sheltered and confident — those three characteristics are among the major traits of Millennials. Every generation has its own personality—attitudes, behaviors and traits that are shaped by experiences in their formative years. In a generation’s youth, the prevailing cultural, social, and economic environment creates a permanent imprint that lasts a lifetime. This imprint creates signature traits…. continue reading »

Busting Myths: Millennials are Lazy and Perpetually Late

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100 million people known as Millennials are lazy and perpetually late. Values like promptness and industriousness have gone by the wayside with this generation. Civilization, as we know it is ending. But wait, before you retreat to your fallout shelter waiting for the world to end, there is new research that proves otherwise. An increasing number… continue reading »

What is A Generation Anyways?

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what is a generation?

Hi Everyone. This is a youtube I did over a year ago and it received lots of hits. It is a one-minute primer on generations. I hear people talking about “Generation Z” as if they are starting in the workplace. The reality is that “Generation Z” , the generation after the Millennials, was born around… continue reading »

3 Ways to Effectively Onboard Millennials

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i want you

On my website, CoachingMillennnials, you can find an overview video Neil Howe and I produced called Recruiting and On-boarding Millennials. This video will get you oriented about best practices for recruiting and on-boarding Millennials, but I also wanted to point out a really comprehensive article on the same topic published just recently by Saeculum Research…. continue reading »

An Embarrassing Millennial Moment for Kronos

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Millennial mishap alert! I was really looking forward to reading a new research report by Kronos, a US-based multi-national workforce management software company, called, “Motivating Millennials, Managing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today”. Researching Millennials is my work, and I collect research reports like I used to collect baseball cards as a kid. So, I’m settling in with… continue reading »

The Millennial Footprint on Media and Entertainment

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Millennial Footprint

Every generation leaves their footprint on media and entertainment, and it looks like the Millennials’ footprint is likely to be a big one. Last week at the ThinkLA conference in Los Angeles, I gave a Presentation on this topic. Attending were over 600 executives in the media and entertainment business. Among this group, there is… continue reading »

Top four reasons that Millennials are leaving their “dream jobs”

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Warren Wright is Executive Vice President of LifeCourse Associates, a publishing, speaking, and consulting company built on the generational discoveries of Neil Howe and William Strauss. Warren has spent over twenty-five years in leadership roles at companies that use behavioral sciences, statistics, organizational development, change management, and media to help their clients. Last week I came… continue reading »

New Study: Millennial Males Worse off than Millennial Females

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We’ve heard the refrain many times in the last couple of years– young adults are launching their careers later since the Great Recession of 2007-2008. While graduation rates and test scores go up, the ability to secure employment has gone in the opposite direction. According to a new Study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education… continue reading »

Millennial Job Interview Tips: Use The 3 “C” ‘s

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I typically work with businesses that need assistance in understanding and coaching their Millennial employees. But last week, I had the chance to coach my own Millennial, my son… Last week he called me on the phone to ask me for advice on a job interview. “Dad”, he said, “I have a job interview on… continue reading »