The Coaching Millennials Workshop

Our signature training is a 1-day workshop for managers called A Manager's Guide to Coaching Millennials. This workshop provides proven management strategies for coaching Millennials in the workplace. Our partner, globally-recognized New Haven Consulting Group leads this energizing workshop. Contact us to learn more.


Program Objectives

The workshop is an interactive classroom format with an experienced facilitator.

  • Understand the difference between phases of life & generations
  • Recognize how the generational experience of Millennial employees shapes their overall perspective
  • Know the specific wants, needs, & expectations of the Millennial workforce
  • Use a series of strategies & tactics to create an environment that capitalizes on the strengths of the Millennial employee
  • Incorporate the suggested actions for retaining & energizing the Millennial employee into the overall coaching process
  • Understand when to coach, what to coach, & how to coach the Millennial employee
  • Use a systematic coaching process to improve overall performance
  • Incorporate generational traits into the coaching process
  • “Excellent course with very rich material. Prior to the course, I had lost faith in the Millennials and their ability to contribute to our business. I am now energized about their potential and with a renewed faith in my ability to better understand how to effectively lead them to reach their full potential.”
  • “I was uncertain of the value of the training when I signed up and I have a new perspective and appreciation for the Millennials. Will leave the training taking a fresh approach at managing Millennials.”

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